Bondage & Binding

Freedom is what’s most desired

so much so

that we mistake it for bondage
and we live in peace with chains
until we realize

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Above Prince Street Station


I never thought I’d say this but I wish I came to work on time. If only I was a morning person, I could’ve been wiped out like the rest of them.

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Fearfully Fearsome

I’m laying in bed
wishing I could pray

like a good Christian

but I’m tearing my ear drums
apart with music, away from reality 

because I’m afraid

I’m scared of anything
and all things

that bang against
the veins of my heart

jolting fear all through me
and I’m scared

because I don’t want it
to wound my soul

once again

I don’t want to be in this pattern
of wanting to be wind in shadows

of the valley of death

I want to live
without the jaws of fear

and the bars of anxiety

but I fear that it’s a life
I’ll never know.

Missed Connections Series: Part 6

This time in good old golden San Francisco!

I Miss the Way I Loved

I miss this image. This person.
Vibrant as seen by most.

You weren’t enough for me
but I still cared about you deeply.

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